Welcome to Pines Edge Suri Alpacas

What a wonderful experience it has been raising these amazing animals for over 22 years!  Meeting new people, building lasting friendships and  enjoying the view of  beautiful Suris in the meadow. 

Over the years, there has been consistent improvement in the national Suri herd and Pines Edge has always been at the cutting edge, breeding for the highest quality, using proven genetics in concert with objective, measurable data.  We breed for superior Suri fiber as well as reproductive and conformational soundness, and good temperament.  We enjoy interacting with each of our Suris on a daily basis.

The Suris at Pines Edge offer a solid foundation for those new to the industry and valuable seed stock for established breeders striving to improve herd quality.  After many successful years, we've downsized to an elite herd of select Suris with a focus on color, offering high quality at fair prices.

Through the years, Linda has actively volunteered in support of the Suri industry and is past President of the Suri Network and serves as Program Director for the  Suri Herd Improvement Program, SHIP, and she is an active member of the AOA Show Rules Committee. Please don't hesitate to call to talk Suri.  Our success is built on the success of our clients, and we look forward to meeting you when you come to visit the Suris at Pines Edge Ranch.

Updated August 04, 2020